Two Oceans Trail Run

So the Two Oceans Trail Race 2012 sold out in under 3h!
Either you smashed your keyboard on Wednesday morning and are one of the 800 runners that are in or you are not. There is no point in moaning about the high entry fee as this clearly is no deterrent. Quite frankly this event is worth every cent. I have said it before here. This is the best trail run (of its kind) on Table Mountain. It is fast, hard, technical and FUN.
But we are not alone in having events sold out in record time:
From the Cape Epic website: “When the Absa Cape Epic race organization allocated 100 of the 600 available team entries for 2010 to be sold on a first come first served basis starting at exactly midnight on Sunday 29 March 2009, they expected to sell them fast, but not within 100 seconds!” 
Here the DC Rainmaker reports on the Boston Marathon selling out in 8h. 468 000 entries! That is 16 entries a second!
Our TOTR is a mere one entry every 14 seconds. 
So what is this massive boom for endurance sports coming from? Why are people putting themselves through all this training to do an event they will never win? An event they will never make money from? In fact the opposite can be said. The training, equipment and time required to complete most of these events is phenomenal.
So who is entering these events? It seems to me that we need some kind of outlet. Some kind of meaning, some kind of purpose.
Have a look at this link posted by Richard Branson here. 
Let me know your thoughts below.

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