I’m Here to Win: Book Review of Chris McCormack’s book.

Well ok that was simple! State your intentions up front. Chris Macca McCormack has won most things in triathlon including 2 Ironman World champ titles in Kona in 2006 and 2010. But I am getting ahead of myself.
Macca is a profesional athlete and as such must win to earn a living. In other words he uses every trick on and off the course to beat his opponents. He talks again and again about the psychology of winning. He works out who his competition is at a given event and how to beat them. When you spend 8h racing you have plenty of time to work out these strategies. His strategies include telling his opponents what he wants them to hear. Creathing the perfect set up so that they race to Macca’s stregths and not their own. Once he controls their mind he controls their (and his) race.
Macca is known for being outspoken and I am sure he has made some enemies along the way.
He is also not without faults or bad patches in his life although serious injury seems to have spared him until a month ago. (It happens to all of us sooner or later). His mother’s death has shaped him deeply and he talks about this quite extensively.
I do wonder what an average Joe gets out of this book though besides hero worship. The (W)insights (scattered amoung the pages) start off as interesting extra info and then just turn into repeats of earlier text. Like he ran out of stuff to say.
His build up and strategy to Kona 2010 and his telling of the race going down is riviting. How Macca knew he was going to get caught. It was just a matter of when. Would he have to race 5 miles for the win or could he get away with holding onto the lead for longer?
I wonder if in a few years this book will be forgotten along with Macca. I enjoyed the book very much but am just not sure that it will make it onto my all time great list.
For those who are competitive in triathlon or any sport this book will certainly hold interest. For others it is still a good read.

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