Book Review: Dean Karnazes: Run, 26.2 stories of blisters and bliss

How do you write a fair an unbiased review about a book where the author poses barechested on the cover? This is the question I asked myself once I finished Dean Karnazes latest book: Run!
Dean does not waste time, or words in coming to the point. His mission with this book, and it seems like with all he does (including his running) is to inspire others to do the same. He even has a whole chapter dedicated to (or composed of) fan mail and how he has inspired Joe Fatty to get off the proverbial couch. His sponsor The North Face must love him. The main character (besides Karno himself) is ex CEO of TNF Topher Gaylord. Hmm they must love him even more for that. But let me stop all the shit talking here.
This is a bloody good book! Very easy to read. Even I finished it in about a week. It is not brilliantly written but it certainly inspires to go out and run or if running is not your thing then just to go and “Never stop exploring”
Underlying all the american bravado and ego and record breaking bull Dean manages to deliver some real comical self deprecation.
I challenge you all to put your preconceived ideas about Team Dean aside and just go and read this book. If you don’t in some way feel inspired to go for a run afterwards I will offer a full money back warranty (ha ha).

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