Buller’s Kop (two people’s thoughts)

Last weekend I wanted to explore an area I did not know well. I wanted to check out Duiwel’s Kloof in the Banhoek Valley and also there was the East Face on Buller’s Kop. Why it is called the ‘East Face’ I can not tell you. We were in the shade all day and accordingContinue reading “Buller’s Kop (two people’s thoughts)”

minimal shoes: an overview

on my shoe rack (l to r): Vibram Five Fingers Bikila, Merrel Trail Glove, Vivo Barefoot (model unknown) I have written a fair bit about minimal shoes over the years here, here and here on this blog. I have worn the above three pairs as my day to day shoes (Luckily I work in an officeContinue reading “minimal shoes: an overview”

Suunto Quest gear review

The Quest comes supplied with wrist unit, HR belt, footpod and Movestick mini. All packaged in a neat, very appealing looking box. Other optional extras include bike accessories and GPS pod. The Quest does not have integrated GPS but gets speed and distance data from external pods (footpod, cycling or GPS). I was only ableContinue reading “Suunto Quest gear review”

Garmin Foretrex® 401 GPS review

The 401 looking for signal Why review a GPS that was released in 2006? And why is the Foretrex® still relevant today? The Garmin Foretrex® 401 is the only wrist mounted navigation GPS that has user replaceable batteries. (The 401 has a smaller sibling in the 301. Please see the end of the review for a feature comparison chart.Continue reading “Garmin Foretrex® 401 GPS review”

GPS/HRM Monitor Review Bryton Cardio 60

this is the first gps/HR Monitor review that I will be posting on my blog. This one is brand new the others for Suunto Ambit 2S, Suunto Quest, Garmin fenix, Polar RC3 GPS and Runtastic have apeared in print in Go Multi/Trail mag. But right now on the the Bryton Cardio 60 so kindly suppliedContinue reading “GPS/HRM Monitor Review Bryton Cardio 60”

I’m Here to Win: Book Review of Chris McCormack’s book.

Well ok that was simple! State your intentions up front. Chris Macca McCormack has won most things in triathlon including 2 Ironman World champ titles in Kona in 2006 and 2010. But I am getting ahead of myself. Macca is a profesional athlete and as such must win to earn a living. In other wordsContinue reading “I’m Here to Win: Book Review of Chris McCormack’s book.”

ten toes – ok 5 fingers – first run

Yes, yes I too have fallen into the fashion trap and bought a pair of Vibram Five fingers from Drifters Xtreme. I certainly hope this purchase does not remain a fashion accesory but hopefully improves my running. I have been wearing them for a good few weeks now and have been amazed how comfortable theyContinue reading “ten toes – ok 5 fingers – first run”

Lessons learnt about Compression Socks

I cannot open a single running, multi sport or triathlon magazine without seeing some “review” spewing the virtues of compression gear. With all this hype I would expect that I would only see lycra from head to toe on the trails. However there are only a few who are sporting the new attire. So afterContinue reading “Lessons learnt about Compression Socks”

CAPESTORM Helium gear feature:

Hailed by trail runners, adventure racers and general outdoor enthusiasts as one of their favourite pieces of clothing. CAPESTORM have just last month updated this fantastic little jacket. So why go out and buy one? Before I go on and on about how fantastic this little jacket is I should explain exactly what it isContinue reading “CAPESTORM Helium gear feature:”