The year is under way and we hit the month of relationships. I used to dread February because it had THAT day in the middle with all the hype and red roses. 

At school I had no idea about this relationship thing. In fact I only had a real relationship until well after I finished my studies. I had no idea of how to go about this thing called a relationship. I just could not relate. But is that not the crux? 

Why do we connect with some folks and with others we have no connection? At work, with friends, with family, in romance?

Even how we relate to objects around us. A smart sports car can make us feel proud, jealous, guilty even disgusted. Same with a slice of cake. How does that happen? 

How we relate to actions. Our own and those of others. A run can make me feel energised or filled with dread. How does that work?

Is it maybe all about how we relate to our selves rather than how I relate to these external things?

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