“John has such good values – he is such a good boy”

Well what does that actually mean?

What standard are we judging John against?

Does it not beg the question “What are your values?” Or better still “What do you value?” “Where do you place value?”

Maybe it is worth thinking about.

What you might just find is that you value things differently to your peers or even closest friends. You might even value different things. So what does this tell us?

It might just reveal our individuality, our uniqueness to some degree.

By asking somebody what they value you are really asking them what makes them unique. How it really is for them.

Maybe, just maybe we see some overlaps and that is where we see commonality, community, humanity…

But let’s not forget within our community we are all individuals with slightly different values and that is the way it should be. Both can be celebrated. Maybe they should be celebrated in ourselves and others.

Values can change and that is OK.


“What do you value today?”

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