Steenberg Ridge

Steenberg PeakThis morning is Roger’s birthday so we met at the end of Boyes Drive. In fact we parked at the top of the service road just off Boyes Drive, crossed the road and headed into the bush. The odd cairn and pathlet led us up and across to the white rock band. Here we traversed right under the cliff to a scramble up into a gully hidden from below.

Up this and a few more rock steps to the window.

Once you reach the top go left and follow broken asbestos pipes to a single track. This goes down a short gully and gets better and more defined. At the Jeep track (and radio mast) turn left, left again and shortly thereafter left onto a single track. Follow this up to a nek and down to Boyes Drive.

Surprisingly this route is only 4,5 km long but will take you over an hour.


There are some picture posted here.

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