Table Mountain Top Ten Trail Routes: Mowbray Ridge no 3

leo_rust’s 1:53 h Running Move #SuuntoRun.

one of my all time favorites

This morning I had a bit more time so we headed up the long hill from Newlands Fire Base parking (yes it was a brutal warm up). Popping out at the junction between Newland’s Forest and Rhodes Memorial with a view of mist. Through the short dip in the dirt road and then left up the faint single track “The Other Woman”. Named so by my friend Tinie because it is so good that you don’t want to tell your wife when you are heading out to play on the trails. One of the most stunning single tracks anywhere.

Once on the Contour Path we picked up the pace and headed to the turnstile. Through this then up the road for a little and an eroded short cut up to the left to the King’s Blockhouse. You will find the track leading up just behind the building. dive left into the bushes shortly after and follow the track upwards. some scrambling onto the ridge itself leads you to a derelict fire lookout. Continue up and onto the ridge itself. A short scramble and down climb leads you to minor peak. We traversed around to the left and then headed down the overgrown zig zags in direction town. Once on the high travers we headed back to Mowbray Ridge and down this to the start. Many variations exist in gaining access to this fantastic part of our hill. 840m vert in under 10km, not bad!

Check out the picture here, video here

Grab your map and head out the door!

3 thoughts on “Table Mountain Top Ten Trail Routes: Mowbray Ridge no 3

  1. Need to get back onto that side of the mountain… but there are other runs I have to do before hand!!! and when I do get there I might just have to go all the way! (Devils)

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