Call it what you will but everybody is talking about the Noakes diet:

You must ask yourself why on earth I would want to try this “diet” wheighing 74kg and 1,96 m in height. I am not trying to loose weight but I do want to improve my health and performance. And yes I cannot think about trying to make two different meals for two different people in one house.
We tried to cut out carbs a few months ago when we first heard about this. I lasted 4 days after I could not stand the food cravings and M lasted a few more months. Her revelation came a few months later during the Knysna Big 5 when she ran out of steam on the MTB and was presented by Banana Loaf! Interestingly enough I just don’t think that it is possible to get enough carbs in during high performance activities to sustain output. BUT I do feel the huge benefit of not eating carbs during normal day to day. Fuelling during exercise seems to be under investigation if you listen between the lines at the end of the talk by Noakes. Here is the link for very scientific details of it all.
It is truly worth listening to though.
So what do we eat?
Breakfast: Double Cream Yoghurt and strawberry smoothy, chia meal and seeds thrown in. (I add some raw Oats in)
Snack: Nuts or two boiled eggs.
Lunch: (left over from dinner) Salad or veg combination of some kind with cheese (sheez) or tuna or chicken or some other meat.
I do also eat two or so fruit during the day.
Drink water to thirst (normally around 500ml – 1500ml)
Drink one cub of Ceylon tea and a few more of Rooibos black, no sugar.
I definitely feel less hungry in the morning after I have had no sugar for dinner. I also do not feel so many fluctuations in blood sugar if I have eaten no carbs the night before.
My sensitivity has increased massively. Even one cup of hot chocolate or some biscuits at night will be felt the next day. This is my one concern that we are becoming more sensitive as athletes. There will be situations where we have to make do with what we have. And sometimes that option may not be ideal. If we are then sensitive to that only option it may not be ideal.
My other thought is that our digestive system is a regulator of some kind for endurance sport. By adding HC we are fuelling our system beyond what it can ultimately handle.

One thought on “Call it what you will but everybody is talking about the Noakes diet:

  1. Very interesting observations, Leon, and thank you for sharing. I had the pretty much the same experiences, not so much the cravings but the Big Crash. I was tempted to toss the whole idea but then chatting with others also realised that day-to-day eating can vary from race prep and race day eating. Nobody I've discussed this with seems to have solved the conundrum of training/racing long/hard on low/no carbs. So now my daily diet looks quite similar to yours except I do have some carbs – but less than I used to, and left to my own devices, I'll have them earlier in the day. Eggs, nuts, avos, chicken, fruit, veg and yoghurt (not quite brave enough to go with double cream!!)feature prominently, pure/raw sugar pretty much avoided UNLESS I'm running. So far this seems fine…I still think balance is the key…

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