Running the Road:

(evening run along the promenade)
Milky yellow setting sun between a wild frothing ocean and a dark grey sky.
I zip up my Helium and turn into the strong headwind. A swimming girl and dragonfly are my only companions. Today the usual gym bunny joggers are nowhere to be seen. Their lycra, colour coordinated outfits and Gucci sunglasses are no match for a real winter storm. The odd car stops by the side of the road a window winds down and a camera points towards the incoming mess. Moments later the car speeds off to hot chocolate and a log fire.
I tuck my head into the wind and continue at my slow pace. Waves crash the retaining wall next to me and rise up. Frozen for seeming eternity before they crash downwards. Time stands still as I marvel at the energy. Metalica’s question in my head “Do you feel alive?”  “Yeah I feel alive!” I shout. The words are lost in the wind.
Frothy latte soap bubbles float horizontally across my path and land on the grass. Finally I turn and run with the elements back to my car.
Yeah bring it on!

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