Who are you?

“You are what you eat!” I have heard it said. Easy enough. So what do you eat then?
Healthy breakfast check, no more take out lunch check, you cut down on your cold ones at the end of the day check, no second helping of ice cream check.
But when the gun goes off you are more than happy to flood your system with caffeine and sugar to the max. Who of us give even a second of thought to what is in the gels and potions that we smash away during the race. If it makes some promise to improve our time then we seem happy with that. What is a little caffeine, guarana, taurine and sucrose between friends anyway?
I recently received a “complementary gel” sent to me. It gives no list of ingredients, no “manufactured by”, no claims what so ever. I am not so worried about trying any of these stimulants  once off but continual use over months and years surely cannot be that good for you.
Do you ever read the ingredients list of your favourite fuel?

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3 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Always! Hammer stuff is supposed to be made with Natural ingredients, but I am stopping that stuff as it is processed, been experimenting with my own, date/Cacao mix-raw and natural

  2. Interesting point about processed food and products. There seems to be a big move to whole foods. I have used the old fathful banana quite often for bike rides.

    Would be cool for you to share your “recipe” with us Cormac. why Cacao?

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