aiguile du midi

The sun has finally appeared! There is an amazing vibe in town with slick looking dudes in bright coloured shoes, packs and jackets everywhere. And I am not talking about climbers either. Trails runners from all over the world have descended onto Chamonix over the last few days. It is the size of the Argus expo morphed into the size of a reasonable sized town. There we were two wide eyed zef efrikens walking every shop flat and perving at all the gear. Something else I tell you.
But this morning we took the cable car up to the Aiguile du midi at 3842m. The views were amazing to say the least and the cable car ride did result in some shrieks.
This afternoon I registered. We visited the expo. The usual nutrition and accessory stands were there. I even found a compression sock manufacturer who makes different length socks. Check out sigvaris. Currently they only do a recovery sock which I am testing as I write this. A few hours into the test and they feel pretty good. Full report to follow!
Now for a big pasta and chill out. Bags pack tomorrow and then Friday I am off!

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2 thoughts on “aiguile du midi

  1. Hey Leo!
    This is Ryan & Linda sending you the biggest best wishes all the way from Lesotho, the top of the Sani Pass! Quite different mountain scenery from what you're seeing, for sure!
    All strength for tomorrow and Sat – give it all you've got, you're a powerhouse! We'll hopefully get connectivity to be able to follow you online.
    Go get 'em!
    Linda & Ryan

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