OFTC 2010

The gun went off and we sprinted down the beach. This year being the “up” run. Dion Quickly worked out that continuing along the beach was the way to go and not turn left like the rest of the leading group. I followed the old mountain goat trusting his instinct. I made about 7 place that way and then lost them all on the road section within the next km! Oh well I was here to do a tempo run and this was not my A Grade race.

Michelle Lombardi was hot on my heels and we ran together for most of the way. William joined us for a bit but he sprinted off (the Comrades has obviously not smashed his legs too bad a week ago). The pressure was on from Buff / CAPESTORM team mate Candice who was only a few hundred meters behind Michelle, and closing! Both girls passed me before the top of Blackburn and at that point I thought I had blown it. Oh well it would be long stretch now. Somehow the Mule Bar I was munching kicked in and I found legs to push down the zig zags at an ok pace passing both Candice and Michelle and actually putting some time in them. (Not that it bothers me in the least to be chicked ;))

I hit the road and Hanno pulled up and tried to surge. Oh well I thought. This would not be quite so easy. As we hit the sand and the most silly of detours I responded finding the harder sand and going for broke. (I completely agree with the detour around the horendous Disa River. But please don’t detoure us and then make us run through the mess anyway. Come on next time please build a bridge or the like!!)

Check the result here.

So I just missed going sub 2h but carrying a bit of extra weight I am please with my effort. Obviously running with a pack makes you stronger than I thought 😉
pic courtesy of Trevor Ball

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