Enduroman race report

I was fascinated by road kill. There it was, I had seen the blue gel packet in the same spot twice before and a little further on I would find the orange jelly baby just to my left on a flat rock. Discarded but now a friendly supporter on each of my three laps ofContinue reading “Enduroman race report”

The hunger games (return): a race report of sorts – from a while ago

The gun goes off and we dash off like our lives depend on it. The crowd, sipping early morning espresso cocktails cheers. Having placed bets on their favourite twitbook hero. They know more about our bike set ups, training and run splits than we do. Some of us are just here because we are here.Continue reading “The hunger games (return): a race report of sorts – from a while ago”

Terra Firma Race Report:

One of the iconic multi sport events of the Cape. A must do.  Outline: The Terra Firma is all the land based activities of the 7 discipline of the Total Sports Challenge. 50 km Road Bike 13 km Road Run 25 km Mountain Bike 9 km Beach Run My Race: We arrive in Gordon’s BayContinue reading “Terra Firma Race Report:”

Ironman: what I have learnt:

This is my favorite time of year for training. Work stress disappears for a few weeks and you can put in a solid block. Perfect if you are preparing for IMSA on the 6th April 2014 I loved my prep a year ago and thought I would share some insights from my journey. NOW isContinue reading “Ironman: what I have learnt:”

In search of a hill aka Brain Fry: The Lesotho Ultra Trail 2013

My brain has finally returned and taken residence rather than gone to a sleepy place for the last few days since the Lesotho Ultra Trail. I have a certain fascination with hills (probably from my climbing days). The Lesotho Ultra Trail came along promising a brand new event and plenty of hills. I was in!Continue reading “In search of a hill aka Brain Fry: The Lesotho Ultra Trail 2013”

Matroosberg Trail Challenge Sky Marathon 2013

In 2012 I entered the event with the hope of having snow en route but sadly it was cancelled two days before due to too much of the white fluffy stuff. I put it out of my mind until the newly formed South African Skyrunning Association announced its first Sky Marathon to be held atContinue reading “Matroosberg Trail Challenge Sky Marathon 2013”

Crazy Store Magaliesberg Trail Challenge 2013 race report

trail route thanks to John Black   Check the route in 17:08:2013 We arrive at Van Galen’s cheese farm in the early cold but the day’s temps are predicted to hit 20*C so it will be hot up high later in the day. Registration is a breeze with the fancy dress folk. At 8h00 weContinue reading “Crazy Store Magaliesberg Trail Challenge 2013 race report”