African X Day 2 and final wrap up

This profile (from the race website) looked hilly enough but actually the course turned out to be far flatter and faster than I imagined.
900m of climbing over the 42,2 km was going to be flat and furious.
the gun went off on day 2 and 15km of flat terrain followed. James set a fast pace and I hoped that I could hang on and that the big hill would come soon and I would be more in my zone. I recon that the fast pace of the day before and the really flat fast pace just got to me. This is the fastest running that I have done this year. So a big wake up call. Some serious work needs to happen!!

The big hill came too late for me to have enough legs to do anything about it. Once we reached the top all I could do was listen to Jayde quoting TS Elliot and dig deep.
In the end we finished in 22nd for the day.
I guess I should have insisted on a slower pace from the start and not be pushed into something out of my comfort zone. I should know better but then you get caught in the moment and hope that things will be ok…
Lesson learnt!

oh and then Day 3 got cancelled.
The only bad decision that the organisers made was to make thier decision too early. We could have run by 9h00 and it would have been a fun day out. Now it is all over very suddenly pretty much like a breakup.

So off to get energy back into my legs later.

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