Old Fisherman’s Trail Challenge recce or the Speed Sandwhich

Ian Little and I took out one of our newest members to the Montrail / CAPESTORM trail running team on a recce of the OFTC route today. Nicholas is a very talented runner and was gracious enough to wait for Mr Trail Rabbit and Mr Comrades Runner.
We managed to slow him down a bit at the start- up to the top of Blackburn Ravine anyway. I was in front and Ian at the back with the meat of the team in the middle: The Speed Sandwhich!

this did not last very long
In fact it was amazing how Nicholas soon did laps on the ups, coming back to pick up us two slow coaches.
This is my second run after two weeks off: one nursing a cold and one in Jhb on business.
Ian is still recovering from Comrades.
Those are our excises and we are sticking to them! 😉

It was unbelievable to see how many runners and walkers were out on the hill. I guess we are all in need of a bit of fresh air after a week indoors.

For all of you gearing yourself up to the big day: Best of Luck and have fun!

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