music and running

After reading Adventure Lisa’s blog a couple of days ago I got thinking:

The music thing does not really help those speed king, Usian Bolt types out there who are going for the sub four minutes thing.
When you start to venture down the road to joy or shadows fall . When you run all night long or enter another lonely day, you suffer micro cuts , fever and eventually enter the city of delusion. Your mind says “I’m leaving now”, “don’t want to do this anymore”, then begging “apocalypse please” and finally “I wanna die easy.”
You enter the ring of fire and step it up. Brain only numb. Nothing else matters and you realise that you are not like the other girls. You feel the stink foot creeping in. Suddenly you’re lost little girl and you have no time to think. Suicide is painless you mutter to yourself.
You walk unafraid when suddenly sunrise. You duck and run. You are feelin too damn good to stop now. You hear the call of Ktulu. Pain bubbling under as you get closer to the end.
You stumble and fall across the line. The deed is done and you can die another day.

“You’re lost little girl”-The Doors
“Feelin too damn good”-Nickleback
“The call of Ktulu”-Metallica
“Bubbling under”-Yellow
“The end”-The Doors.
“Deed is done”-Dave Mathews
“Die another day”-Madonna
“You stumble and fall”-razorlight
“Sunrise”-Norah Jones
“Duck and run”-three doors down.
“Walk unafraid”-REM
“No time to think”-Bob Dylan.
“Suicide is painless”-Nick Drake
“Speed king”- Deep Purple
“I wanna die easy”- Collard Greens and Gravy
“Nothing else matters”-Metallica
“Not like the other girls”-The Rasmus.
“Stink foot”-Frank Zappa
“Creeping in”norah jones.
“Feel” Robbie Williams
“Numb”- Portishead
“Step it up”-stereo mc’s
“Ring of fire”- Johnny Cash
“Apocalypse please”-muse
“Four minutes”-Roger Waters
“Road to joy”-Bright eyes
“Shadows fall”-the coral
“All night long”-stereo mc’s
“another lonely day” -U2
“Micro cuts” -muse
“Fever” -Madonna
“City of delusion” muse
“I’m leaving now”-Johnny Cash

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