Hardrock 09

Ok those that know me will shout that I can’t possibly be objective about a review of this shoe. So I took my brand new pair out on a test cruise around the Cederberg mountains on the weekend. Sandrift, Wolfberg Cracks, Arch, Tafelberg and back via the Jeep Track. 30km of good quality testing trail. I thought I would limit myself to info about how this model differs from the old Hardrock in order to help you the buyer in your choice rather than give you all the sales pitch stuff:

· The NEW Hardrock 09 is much lower to the ground than the old model. Hence it is much more stable.
· The sole is much more flexible. Feels more like a running shoe.
· The upper has a fair amount of volume. Plenty of space for the toes.
· The upper breathes very well- good for hot conditions.
· The size is one size down from the old Hardrock. I wear a #12 old HR, #11 HR 09, 11 ½ Streak…
· The toe cap is real hard. Great to protect the toonkies.
· The upper feels like it has less padding in it. This did not bother me at all. What is there works.
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