I am …(a runner)

desertWe all define our selves with what we do and the more we do so others define us in the same way.

Take those brackets away and what are you?

What are you left with?

We all wear hats in our lives. Those hats represent the roles in our lives. Different hats in different situations. In relation to other people. We are husbands, friends, colleagues, friends, lovers, sons, daughters and runners.

So what happens when a storm or sudden gust of wind tears the hat from our head?

What happens when we get injured?

Who are you?

What hat are you wearing now?

Paradise Lost is Ana Frosty’s journey through that question.

Kiss or Kill is far less gentle question.

Ultimately you need to work out how to put down new foundations.

Sometimes a new role can help. Often caring for another helps us heal. Eric & Peety’s story is one such example.

Maybe we need community more than the finish time to define us.

This community needs to support each of us, not only as a runner, not what races we have run or times recorded but in who we really are when we are not wearing a hat.

Let’s create and foster that community, for others, for ourselves!

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