Core Workouts:

IMG_1457This weekend was about core sessions. Not quite cake eating and lots of hot chocolate consumption (which happened as well).
In my build up to Enduroman SA I have focused my training on the bike as I think this will be the crux for us at the end of September. The profile of the run looks so brutal in the opening 1,5 km that I doubt if many will be doing more than a stagger. So what to do? Get stronger on the bike!





Die Burger Bergfietstoer:

die burgerOn Saturday I headed out with the lead guys from E seeding but they disappeared pretty quickly. I was there to ride my own pace. The effort was hard up Botmaskop. I kept pushing among moments of nostalgia from my days at Maties. The route was brilliant! I loved every moment and traffic did not bother me one bit as I enjoyed what the Dirtopia crew had put together. The Trail Tag timing system worked superbly. It is one of only a few events that have full race results up within hours of you completing the route. This is awesome!
This should be on most mountain biker’s bucket list if you believe in this kind of thing.

Cheese cake and Hot chocolate was sampled afterwards. 


Silvermine Dam:

Yesterday I wanted to do a long open water swim. What I did not take into account was that cold water and long swim do not work so well together. I planned to swim close to 2000m in Silvermine Dam but half way through the first length I had to force myself to submerge my head. Not pretty.
I quickly realised that the purpose of this session had changed to a mind survival thing and just completing the laps and staying in the water for as close to 1 hour was going to be the hard bit. Half way through my fingers were shivering and I made fists with each stroke. The chop was enough to make things more difficult too. I got out and took a moment to find balance. Somehow the numbers don’t tell the story. 12*C is bloody desperate.. swim slivermine

When I got to the car Herda handed me a hot chocolate. You have no idea how much that helped! Thanks.

So what have I learnt?

The swim is going to be HARD CORE!
The bike will be hard with close to 2200 m of ascent in 80 km. That equals 27,5 m of ascent per km…

But that is why we signed up for right?

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