An Ode

She pulled up next to me in her white CLK. I was on my white human powered machine. Window came down. “Brave” is the only word I heard above the traffic hum. “It was really beautiful out” my only response as I smiled. The window went up, the light turned green and I was not sure if her hair colour was natural red or dark brown. It was still too dark.

I had just completed Aspects. Short for Aspect of Kloof Nek. A hill climb fest thanks to Adrian. Well his original is a little more complicated in sequence but basically it follows the same theme.
Ascend and descend Kloof Nek via the four major roads including a trip to the Cable Car and Signal Hill. Beauty in simplicity.

I have completed it twice and plan to do so a few more times in the lead up to Enduroman SA. 42km 1150m vert.

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