Week Summary 24 Jan – 2 Feb 2014

So why post what I did last week?

Ambit week summary 050214

The week started with a rest day on Monday.

Tuesday was a double: trail run in Newlands Forest in the morn. Swim squad in the afternoon.

Wednesday was easy with only a swim.

Thursday another double with trail run up Mowbray Ridge in the morn and swim in the afternoon.

Friday easy swim. Just turning over.

Saturday was the Lion of Africa half marathon.

Well it was a pretty big week for me this year. Not in volume but intensity. Especially considering that the 85km Roller Coaster bike race on Sunday was pretty hard.

I admit that I am pretty tired this week and need to recover properly before I build again.

For me the crux is finding the right volume that I can maintain for a couple of weeks rather than do a massive week and then recover for a week repeat. Intensity is key!

This week would have been fine if the intensity were lower. But hey I was wanting to race my bike and keep up with the boys at the half! I only succeeded at one of those..

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2 thoughts on “Week Summary 24 Jan – 2 Feb 2014

    1. Ok so this is an illustration of:
      1) I am pretty unfit running wise. (Something I need to work on πŸ˜‰
      2) I raced pretty hard on Saturday and Sunday. Yes my time of 93 for the 1/2 marathon is not great but my effort was hard in trying to stay within chatting distance of Mr Steel.
      3) It is far more useful to look at the overall training volume for a month or even longer.
      4) Intensity is a huge factor! it is easy to post big volume weeks but throw in some quality and it becomes pretty hard.
      4) The volume is not big by any means even when compared to what I did a year ago but my point is that it is big for me where I am right now…

      But then you know all this πŸ˜‰

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