N Rolihlahla M – our own trouble maker

I was not on the Parade in 1990.
I can’t call myself a freedom fighter.
I have never met the man. So I have no personal account of how amazing the man is and how he touched my heart.
I did not go to any of the public grieving occasions that were laid on all around the country and abroad over the last 10 days.
I have never voted for the ANC.

I am however touched in my own way by this man and by the goings on over the last week. Even more so now that he is gone.
I knew this week would be big. But who could have guessed that it would be this massive?
I had no idea!

So what has stood out for me?

1) We did not get a public holiday as everybody expected. Fair enough. Most would have gone to the beach anyway. Good move. I commend Due South for staying open on Sunday and donating the first Million Rand made to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship Foundation.

2) The consistent message has been one of living up to his legacy. So well put by the Arch. Before we can receive the spoils and blessings we have a responsibility and duty to fulfill. I love this man! For he is so consistent is his morale standpoint. He says what needs to be said. He is the morale compass that most of us have forgotten. “I want to hear a pin drop!” link.

3) the sign dude. Read this article here. He may be the only truly sane person in this whole country. “Blessed are the cracked for they shall let in the light” Groucho Marx. Despite all the controversy around this guy I really like the sign for Madiba (and for Zuma) in the deaf language also the subsequent Madiba hairstyle. Love it!

4) Barack Obama’s speech was inspirational and about as spot on the money as possible, the polar opposite to Zuma’s which left me bored after only a couple of minutes.

5) The Selfie between Obama, Cameron and Helle Thorning-Schmidt was brilliant. Through all the genuine grief by those involved we witnessed that these are ordinary people like you and me who showed their humanness in that moment. Nobody should criticize them for that. Although I suspect Michelle Obama had a few choice words later.

6) The order of proceedings and how the proceedings were handled was incredibly professional and makes me proud. The rest of the world should take note.

7) The way in which everyday men and women came out and took part makes me proud.

8) I had no idea that the Elders existed. What a cool group. I wish I could vote them into the next international parliament.

9) I learnt so much about Madiba through all the documentaries aired on various SABC channels. I am enriched. Thank you. We need to remember this and not just forget. A DVD  of this would make an awesome collectors item.

10) Zapiro and all cartoonists will be in the money for some time to come. This is like Christmas and Easter bunny all rolled into one. Long may it last.

11) Not nearly enough mention was made of Evelyn. She asked the great man to choose between the ANC and her. Now not a very popular choice. She stood by her principals and thus should be honoured.

What a different country we would now be in if this trouble maker had not stirred things up the way he did?

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