Tuesday Morning Run aka the most fun you can have in 90 min – well almost

Every Tuesday morning we head out onto the hill come rain or shine. Some outings are more walks, some are more runs. Last week was one of my favorites.

From the Newlands Fire Base, up Woodcutters Trail to the Contour Path, Newlands Ravine to Devil’s Peak Saddle, across to Breakfast Rock, contour to above Oppleskop. Continue all the way to Mowbray Ridge, down this to the Blockhouse. Through the turn style and back to the start. You are doing pretty well to complete this in under 90 min!

I am into week two of testing the Garmin Virb and Go Pro Hero+ cameras so I took the opportunity to collect some footage and see how the cameras did in the dappled early morning light. Enjoy:

And for those of you that want a more precise route description to follow:http://connect.garmin.com/activity/376209979

under 9 km, 1070 m vert!

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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Run aka the most fun you can have in 90 min – well almost

  1. I was looking at your Garmin route and I can’t seem to follow it, as it looks like you don’t run up to wood cutters along, up to the contour path along, then up Newlands? Were you using some of the small “unused” path to make the run more direct?

    1. Well now that is a good question! Paths used are all pretty obvious. The last one up to the contour comes out almost at the base of Newlands Ravine. Maybe it is not named. But pretty direct

    2. We go up pretty well used paths. The last one below contour is the most vague. It comes out at the base of Newlands ravine though. Hope this helps.

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