GPS/HRM Monitor Review Bryton Cardio 60

this is the first gps/HR Monitor review that I will be posting on my blog. This one is brand new the others for Suunto Ambit 2S, Suunto Quest, Garmin fenix, Polar RC3 GPS and Runtastic have apeared in print in Go Multi/Trail mag. But right now on the the Bryton Cardio 60 so kindly supplied to me by Agent C.
Out the box the Cardio 60 feels super light when compared to the other units I have tested recently. It somehow has a real retro feel with economical use of space. The Cardio 60 could easily fit into the latest release of Star Trek. I like that the unit does not look too flashy either.


Out the box the wrist unit feels pretty intuitive. As with all my other reviews I try the unit without reading the instruction manual first and I found it surprisingly easy to use. Yay they sync the HR receiver to the wrist unit for you! So you can literally just put the Heart Rate (HR) belt on and go for a run.


My biggest issue is with the HR belt. This clips together very far back. For skinny guys like me this means well under my armpit, almost around my back! Why more companies don’t use Suunto’s method I do not know. Here there is actually a good point. The second issue I experienced is that the HR belt is not very durable. The pads that pick up HR from your body seem to be delaminating. Admittedly I did throw the HR belt into the wash like all my other belts. The Bryton uses the ANT+ standard so it is very easy to just buy the Suunto Dual strap (or Garmin for that matter) and receiver and sync. Syncing is super quick and easy.

First Run:

finding signal takes less than a minute
When you head outdoors you have to wait only a minute or two for the wrist unit to locate satelites. Afterwhich you are good to go.All the buttons are intuitive. By that I mean that one button does the same thing all the time. This makes working the unit very easy. One thing that caught me unawares is that the Cardio 60 displays Running Time and not Total Time (or as they call it Trip Time) as standard. There I was cruising along and quite chuffed that I still had loads of time before meeting my hot date and when I checked the time of day on my phone I realised the error of my ways. It was super easy to change on the wrist unit later. Big plus that I can change the units measured and displayed on the wrist unit without having to connect to a PC!


customisable display

Biking was equally easy.

Speed etc is shown instead of pace in running. The ANT+ standard allows you to link to the Power Meter of your choice etc. I was not able to test this.


Due to the HR using the ANT+ standard you won’t be able to receive HR data while swimming as the HR signal is too weak underwater.

Triathlon Mode:

The Triathlon Mode is preset to include transition times. This is one up on the Suunto Ambit! If you however want to remove transition times then it is easy to change in the Settings Menu on the wrist unit.


Altitude is derived from GPS data and is adequate for urban use. For a trail running unit I would as always go with a wrist unit that records barometric data as this is way more accurate.


To charge and download data from the unit just use the supplied crocodile clip supplied.


Customisation of wrist unit:


You can customise the views in each sport to show up to four types of data per screen. The number of screens are also customisable. Very easy once you understand the Bryton language (what each term means when you are in the Settings Mode).


Supporting Software:


The wrist unit is charged and data downloaded via the supplied crockodile/USB cable. is the analytical platform from where you can analyse and plan workouts. This is pretty basic but does all the necessary things that you would like. One graph is displayed with HR, speed, pace, altimeter data superimposed onto it. You can select which data to view on the graph. The link to the map is pretty cool. You can scroll across your workout and see exactly where you pushed the pace and where you slacked off. You can also upload data to Strava or Training Peaks by the push of the relevant icon. I was not able to test this though.


BrytonBridge links between your wrist unit and your PC. It gives you two options to either download stored exercises to or if you do not have internet connectivity then to you PC for upload later. Really cool!




+: I like the Cardio 60. It is super easy to use and has that just right feeling about it. It does not stand out from the crowd in any one area but then it does not really fall short either.. The C60 compares very closely to the Garmin 310 XT. The one plus being that the C60 is a much sleeker unit and would fit in more as an everyday watch.


-: I do not like the HR belt from a durability and fitting perspective. I would almost immediately swap this out. But this is super easy to do with the ANT+ standard. The other issue I have is that the battery low warning only gives you a few minutes warning before the unit dies. This is pretty annoying but I guess the lesson is to always charge the unit before heading out the door.


RRP: R 3800.00



One thought on “GPS/HRM Monitor Review Bryton Cardio 60

  1. Thanks for the interesting review!
    How would the Bryton compare in terms of accuracy compared to the Ambit2s & Garmin 910xt?
    I was considering buying the Ambit2s or 910xt & then I came across the Bryton60 at quite a bit cheaper!
    It seems quite tempting to go for the Bryton at the considerably lower price!

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