Arabella Challlenge on the horizon

So now the next challenge is the winter trail season.

First up is the Arabella Challenge. I will be doing the long (17km) run and M is in for the shorter (11km) option on the 28th of April. Great way to get the legs moving again and get into the hills.
I am psyched for this new event and am keen to see what the organisers have to offer. Maybe we will even take the bikes out there and go for a spin. Who knows right now.

Good thing to have a goal after IMSA to get going again. The route is certainly not steep by trail standards but is going to be a bit of a shock for the legs after the pancake flat IMSA run course. (If you were there watching on the lonely stretch behind the university then you would have seen me walk quite a lot, face in a grimace) I hope that I will put up a better performance in 10 days time!

Full disclosure:
As a great treat we have been  promised a stay at the Arabella for the night. Awesome hey! Who needs to be a pro with treats like this?


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