Thank goodness it’s Monday!

I have not had this feeling for a very long time: good thing that Monday comes around because I need a rest day. I just had too much fun on the weekend and Today the “Make it Stop!” feeling arrived. Thank goodness it’s Monday.
Friday turned out quite different from expected. After work I bought snacks and general sugary stuff that would fit more into a Go Bag than into a typical trail runners arsenal. I was no sooner at the check out with arms full of biscuits, batteries of every kind, coke, sweets and more than the call came that my night hike/run duties were called off. Wow I had just gained another day.
Quick plans and an early morning start saw us walking up to a very misty, windy saddle between Devil’s Peak and TM. 4 figures made their way up to the knife edge, careful not to wake the dragon. Then on through the squeeze and to the final scramble of Ledges. Frozen fingers and scratched legs got us onto level ground. Down to the cars and hot beverage. ATC was holding a Canal Swim that afternoon so off we went. This is pretty much like looking at the bottom of a pool, breathing every now and then and trying not to get too claustrophobic. I was pleased with my effort of 1km.
Sunday was race pace Brick: 70km bike and 16km run. M had a 45 min head start and A and I chased. I realise now that we had a huge advantage riding together. I was avoiding sitting on any bodies wheel as that was not the object of the day. The pace was hot from the start and My legs felt like they would not be able to hold onto this. I felt strong on the hills on the way back and pushed the pace. Off with the bike and on with the shoes. We were chasing M in a lumo pink top. Sub 5 min pace, then 4:30, then 4:15. It felt good and I wanted to see what would happen. I hung on, my brain was fried but I went through the motions. Then the pace eased off a little as I dug my claws in.
I finished and was finished. We had all done GOOD.
Thanks to all who shared in the fun.
Thank goodness it’s Monday. Now I have 5 days to reboot the mind and think of the next adventure.

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