Best Rusks in the World

With a title like this you expect there to be a huge amount of research behind this post.
You are very correct.

The research goes back many years to when I stayed in digs in Rondebosch. I happened to stumble upon these treats under the Pick and Pay no name brand. Stu (as independent pier review) agreed to my findings and  we consumed huge amounts. I moved to Woodstock and I did not see these treats in any other store. My heart sank.

I searched and searched went throughgener ations of other brands including the old faithfull granny of all rusks. I knew there could only be one.

You can imagine how pleased I was when I spotted this Bag of Bites.
Sadly they have not lasted very long and I have had to send the Triathlete to purchase more before the weekend. There is even better news in that they happened to print the address of the factory, where all the elves work all night long, on the packet.
I may just have to launch a night time raid and secure a life time supply. They are  that good!
Check them  out!
They are best enjoyed with a hot chocolate or similar beverage. perfect for this weekend.

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