Baby it’s cold outside

This song is more appropriate as a cuddel in front of the fire place type tune than a trail tune.
But once again the temperature is dropping and the mornings are darker and we are getting our first winter rains. This does not stop us though!
We “simply must go” outside despite all this. The crux is to layer up appropriately otherwise you could “freeze out there”.
So seriously how do you go about it?
Here are my thoughts and experiences. Let me know yours please.
Personally I use a thin long sleeve for early morning runs when it is cold. This will be a pretty thin one of whatever brand. I often wear a CAPESTORM Helium over the top. I know that K-Way also now have their version but I have not tried it to be able to compare. This layer cuts the wind and is easy to vent with a 1/4 length zip in the front. Most chilly mornings I wear a Buff® in some form or other. This is the easiest way to be warm at the start (wear as beanie) and then you can wear it in a less warm way (scarf, headband, wristband) as necessary. This combination works well for me in just about everything but then I get warm pretty quick.
I have used the Icebreaker GT 200 long sleeve top when I was in Jhb last week for early morning runs and it was superb. In fact I ran in it yesterday too!
It feels like you are wearing a cotton top and not a synthetic, it wicks moisture, dries quickly, breathes and DOES NOT STINK like other running gear.
The only thing you need when it is raining is to make sure your Helium (or equivalent) is treated with Nikwax to ensure that it is water repellent. See my previous posts here and here on this. You are going to be sweating too much anyway to need a proper waterproof. In rain I like to wear a running cap so that water does not drip into my eyes/nose. Somehow this makes me feel drier! And as we all know the trick with getting out on bad weather days is just taking that first step out the door! Once you are outside it is not nearly as bad as you thought. The rain and the wind are never as bad as they sounds from inside your cozy warm house or car.
I personally believe that several thinner layers work better and are more versatile than one thick layer. I am afraid this takes experimentation to know what works for you.
The one important thing to remember is to not confuse compression garments with base layers. Compression garments use a higher percentage of lycra than base layers and are great for cooling you off and compression but for the cold they have the opposite effect. you will remain uncomfortable and cold.
FID (Financial Interest Disclosure): I work for the SA Distributors of Buff HEadwear and Icebreaker. I use the products and believe that they work.

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