One of the hottest scenes of Demi Moore is her shaving her hair in G.I. Jane. She is taking it to the next level, rising to the challenge, raising the bar, stepping up to the plate.
Rituals have a way of getting us ready. Shaving my hair before a race is one of my favorites and I regularly do it. When I run my hand over the stubble I feel like a racing machine. Light fast and ready. Quite the opposite to Samson who lost his power.

But then again so much of our rituals is mental. (Many years ago Gareth and I were venturing on to the rock climbing route Alone in Space: 6 or so pitches up to grade 22. This was definitely our limit at the time. We got ready at the base of the rock wall at the Wolfberg Cracks in the Cederberg. We both kept taking sips from the water bottle we had with us until we had both drunk far more than our share. Until somebody remarked on this. We were not thirsty at all and I had not noticed it at all but this was our ritual to get us ready for the task at hand.

We all have rituals that we follow and use. Nothing wrong with that! Use them to the max I say (if they work for you). If you smile to yourself while reading this then you may want to reconsider some habits.

What are your rituals?
(leave your comments below, you can always do so anonymously)

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