Brakenfell 10 km road race 19 Jan 2011

Where have all the good guys gone?” came the sms from Coach Dion. *
I just finished the race and we were comparing our results (Dion ran the Trail Series). We both finished further up the field than either of us expected. My speed work of the last few weeks has left me thinking that I was ready to try to break 38 min this Wednesday.
So after a warm up with Arnold which was quicker than expected we lined up. Quick sprint down the sports field then head out on the twisty course around the neighbourhood. The first km went down in 3:35. Oh dear, ease it back a little! The next three were spot on pace. Then a slow one at 3:54. But I was still on pace with 18:51 for 5km. The first two women runners passed me briefly but I managed to hang onto the little group. Twisting and turning. As we headed into the wind I tucked behind a taller runner. The first women was tiny and running barefoot! No help there. Up a little hill then 34:07 at 9km. It was on! A slight downhill towards the school gate. Hard left and then onto the field. I saw the seconds tick away on the official clock. 37:43 and I was finished in more ways than one.
Coke and Steri Stumpie. I handed in my card and was surprised by my overall position of 17th (my highest position ever in a road race)
Driving home into the setting sun I wondered why heroes always ride off into the sunset in the westerns. Makes no sense to me – you just can’t see where you are going!
*Some paraphrasing

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