utmb 2010 in pictures


Chamonix Valley: peaks on the left are: Les Drus, Aiguile du Midi (furthest right of the spikes) and Mont Blanc (highest peak in Western Europe) UTMB runs down the valley and finishes high on the slopes on the right.


UTMB Leg 1: View down the valley from Chamonix showing Les Houches and the first climb before St Gervais.


Italy: Looking NE from the Arete du Mont Favre towards Courmayeur. After that the route continues onto the green ridge and off towards the top left hand corner.


UTMB last 14km: From Col des Montets, La Flegere down to Chamonix!


Les Drus- the moody peaks just above my campsite
Starting my modeling carreer
Registration: getting my timing chip
My sister Annie and I at the start (can you tell that I am nervous?)


And then the race was all over!
And we were on holiday!
So more trails and sightseeing:
Mel and I doing the tourist thing on the Aiguile du Midi

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