(Almost) The World’s best Socks:

There is something about socks that provides immense comfort. There is nothing better than putting on a nice warm, wooly pair and schlumpfing on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and watching some DVD’s on a rainy weekend. But that is not what this blog is about!

We are hardcore Trail Runners 😉 but the principle is the same. Just the same way as the barefoot running boom makes us feel so good and reflexology sessions leave us in touch with our whole body. The bottom line is there are more nerve endings in your foot than anywhere else on your body. So why not pamper your toetsies while you are wearing your favourite pair f trail shoes? Good socks also prevent blisters and hotspots.

Two years ago I was lucky enough to be introduced to locally manufactured Bridgedale socks. ATSI manufactures these fantastic socks right here in our mother city! It took me about two years to wear out my Speed Demons and I am afraid no other brand available locally comes even close to the comfort and more importantly the durability of Bridgedale. So on the search I went to find a retailer who stocks these gems. I was very pleased to find that Mammoth Outdoor was able to order them for me. So I bought 6 pairs! I recon that should last me a couple of years of bush bashing! And then I spotted them in Sportsmans Warehouse in Tygervalley. They are not cheap but in the long term they will probably come to about the same you will spend on other socks. Oh and by the way they are available in other colours too!

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2 thoughts on “(Almost) The World’s best Socks:

  1. Are those Bridgedale socks thin? I have some thicker ones which are still in good condition but then I only have one pair of shoes that requires thick socks.
    Have you tried your First Ascent socks yet? I have used them once and they felt pretty good. This is from someone who doesn't notice socks once running.

  2. I thought the FA socks were a little on the small side. I have worn them twice and I am not sure how well they will wear in the long run.
    The Speed Demon's are the same thickness as the FA if not slightly thinner. Perfect for trail. Good point though. I have always worn slightly thicker socks and only recently really thin ones for the road. I prefer “trail” (or slightly thicker socks). I think they will help with blisters etc.

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