Nathan Elite 2V Plus review

Nathan is the Porsche of hydration carriers and packs. The kit is just beautiful to look at, the finishing is superb. Nathan products bring out the ooh’s and aahs among most. The beading is soft and will not chafe, the karabiner clip on the bottles is really cool for attaching onto packs etc. You just believe that these guys have really thought about things before they punch kit out onto the unsuspecting masses.

Main Features:
The Elite 2V has three zippered pockets (the two front ones are removable) to carry all your kit and two 0,65l litre bottles to hold your juice or water. These are angled ideally so that water does not bounce at all and is easy to reach and replace when on the run. In my experience this will easily be enough liquid for 2 ½ h of hard running. (Obviously if you are going more slowly you will not require as much, also if an event lasts only two or three hours then I often consume way less during the run and make up for it afterwards.)

The pockets are all fairly well sized. In fact the two front ones seem larger than the back in comparison. This is where I carry all my “on the go” stuff. Easy to see, easy to reach without fumbling behind your back and dropping half the contents. I also really like the fact that the rear pocket can be closed securely with a zipper. I would carry a windbreaker or base layer in here.

The mesh inside the waistbelt is super breathable and did not feel like it was going to be too warm in hotter months. I would also have no concerns wearing this “next to skin” from a chafing perspective.
I really like that the front pockets are removable and it does not affect the comfort of the waist belt at all.

Extras: There are cool little shock cords on either side “for gloves and windbreakers”. I have not used these at all but I like that they are there- in case I need more storage.

I just tuck the extra webbing belt back behind the front pockets- it works well and keeps everything out of the way. Nice little carry strap for après run coffee shopping.

Negative: Where is the keyring clip thing?

Overall: Sexy piece of gear, well thought out. Got all the bases covered and then some. Can’t wait for my next run with the Elite!

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  1. It will naturally move to your narowest part of your waist.
    I guess this is slightly more comfortable for a guy that girl- that is my guess only though.

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