Dear  Coach

CoachThanks for the challenge the other day on FB and putting my little TT tester on Strava. I hope it has got some interest from peeps. I have been planning my come back quite carefully and as such have been keeping a low profile. So low in fact that I seem to spend more time in the pool than on trails but we all have aspirations so let’s stick with those for the time being. I have been judging my attack to the second in order to exert maximum damage.

So you must be wondering when I would spring the big news of my latest FKT on Table Mountain. Well I thought I would start humbly and not make too much of a splash and upset the fast (like Marten) and big sponsored boys (oh there are so many nowadays). So I returned to my old playground and gave the old beast a go.

I seem to recall that I thought sub 20 min was reasonable but only just. Well I can only just claim to fall into that category (by 8 seconds). The good news is that I should have loads of room for improvement on my comeback AND that I have not been chicked yet (don’t tell Katja, Landie etc). For it seems that if it does not appear on Strava, Twitter, Facepage it did not actually happen.

Yours in running


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