Yosemite Valley Pilgrimage

dnb route in profile
16 years ago I made my first pilgrimage to Yosemite. This is the first route I climbed there: The Direct North Buttress. An overly relaxed start and me not knowing how to climb offwidths ended in a 24h day.
enga on lunatic fringe
Enga leading Lunatic Fringe
luxury bivi food
Bivy at the base of The Heart on the Salathe Wall. The first night of 3 on the wall for us.
yos photo1
hauling the pig below the roof. long shadows, it is getting late.
long ledge bivi 2
Finally we reach long ledge bivi. I am in a ditch as wide as my shoulders with a 800m ditch to my right, the haulbag hanging above the void.

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