Enduroman SA Taper

Yesterday was spent going through my final list of preparations for Saturday. With all the warm weather recently I was expecting to deal with some serious heat on the bike. Not good news after a winter of cold and wet. Well it seems like the Norwegian weather gurus predict otherwise:yr no

Arm warmers, Buff and windproof are going to be the order of the day. And lots budget for hot chocolate for supporters.

Ten days ago I started my taper. More by feel than by program. I was exhausted and needed two days break. Time to notch it back and sleep. So far so good.

My nutrition strategy is different from Ironman last year. I will be having something to eat before the swim. Also I will have more real food on the bike and no gels. Those will be kept for the run.

My bike is clean, spares packed. Trail shoes are ready.

Let’s go!

So time to put it out there:

I am confident of swimming (2,5 km) and getting out of T1 sub 1h. If temps are cold this will be tough.

The bike (80 km) should take 6 – 7 hours – I hope, maybe 8… Who knows as nobody, including Geddan has actually ridden the complete course in one go.

Either way I hope to be able to clock each leg of the run loop (7km) in 45 min. this is my real aim here. I am aiming to complete leg 3 in 2h15.

So if you want to beat me you now know where you need to do it J

See you Saturday!

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