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Sunday morning I headed out the door to test myself on some hills having neglected my climbing skills for too long. It was just getting light as I turned into District Six and uphill. Then over bridge no 1 (but more of that soon) then up the steep zig zag jeep track we will be doing on the Two Ocean’s Trail Run, over Tafelberg Road as the first (hot) rays of sun hit me. My shirt was off as I headed upwards. Ok a few short cuts from the race route here as I was under time pressure. Oppelskop Ridge lookout arrived quickly. Photo stop with my BB. I then chose the wrong traverse level. At least I know what not to do on race day! The ground flowed under my feet as I headed towards the blockhouse and the first other mountain users I had seen that day.
Through the turnstile and down the single track. Yes it is just as tricky as I remember it. Better keep it steady here. Then weaving through the forest to second breakfast of fruit and ice cold orange juice! What better way to start the day. The roads were streaming with runners putting the final touches on their training for the real Two Ocean’s 56 km or 21 events.
Postscript: (The Tripple Challenge)
The Two Ocean’s 20 km Trail Run forms the first of three events I am super psyched for. A sub 1h45 would be nice here.
Then the Helderberg Trail Run 24 km on the 22nd May. I know very little about this event except that it has a monster climb in it so it should be a good tester.
The Volunteer Wildfire Services 25km is one of my favourite trail races. I have been told that it is now scheduled for the 19th of June. It is not technical at all but the hills are brutal. I am aiming for a sub 2h.
All in all a busy 2 months of racing ahead!
Iggy Pop: “Raw power is all you need”

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