Black Diamond Comp results!

The news you have all been waiting for:
When I was on the mountain between Kasteels Poort and Corridor Ravine in very heavy mist and a strong breeze things still seemed wide open. Ake was looking strong with John on his heals. Will was about 20 seconds behind but things still seemed wide open. By Constantia Nek Ake had 4min on Will….

The final result:
Ake Fagereng in a smashing 4:11

John Collins
Greg Goodal
So as far as the predictions go nobody predicted Ake in first (including Ake himself!) and Man Overboard and Mel predicted John in second. Man Overboard predicted 4:16:20 and Mel predicted 4:17.
Drum Roll!!

Well done Man Overboard. One BD Flash backpack is on it’s way to you! In fact drop me a mail on emailDOTleorustATgmailDOTcom with your contact details and we will take it from there.

Thanks to all who contributed. Watch this space for the next competition to be announced in the first week of August!

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