Black Diamond Comp announcement:

I am very fortunate to announce that Black Diamond has offered to sponsor a product every couple of months for my blog. Rather than pocketing the cash and retiring to Kommetjie I thought I would pass this on to you! So here goes!

For July Black Diamond is supplying me with their ultra light Flash pack. It is super light and will certainly be a great companion for any fast and light outing. Perfect size for running, biking, day walks or just mucking about.

How the comp works:

The person who predicts the finish order of the Hout Bay Trail Challenge for the top three men will receive this great prize worth R 410! All you have to do is:

Leave a comment to this post by the end of 23 July 2010 with your prediction of the top three finishers in their finish order. Also post a finish time for the winner (This will only be used if we have a tie breaker.).

So tell all your trail buddies of this super deal and leave your comment!

To start this off I will give you my take on some of the favourites:

William Robinson has won here before in 4:21 in 2008. The question is are a couple of weeks training good enough to win it this year?
Dion Middelkoop is on form this year and running strong. If Dion does not go out too hard (and blow later) he can take the overall and vet title.
John Collins from Team Mazda running fame is back at it. New to the HBTC but strong enough to give everyone a run for their money. John came second in last year’s Otter Trail Run.
Jayde Butler is the dark horse in this bunch. Jayde started the year with winning the Bat Run ahead of Mike Bailey. Then he won the Addo 50km. Watch out boys Jayde wants it bad!
Nicholas Rupanga is undoubtably the fastest of the bunch. The question is can he hang on and take it on the beach finish? And has he recovered from Knysna?


I will post the prize to you anywhere in SA free of charge. Position 1 will receive 3 points, position 2 will get 2, pos 3 will get 1. If two are drawn on points then we consider winning time. My decision is final. The winner will be contacted on Monday 26th.

13 thoughts on “Black Diamond Comp announcement:

  1. OK this isn't easy: I would like to go with me first in a time of 4h12:36 with Will 2nd 3min behind. With Jayde coming in 3rd in just over 4h20.

    But What about John, and what about Cas, not to mention Nicholas, well after Knysna I think Nicholas is out. so we now have John and Cas… John I think will be beaten by not knowing the race or the Cape all that well, so that leaves Cas. If he is running I think I have to throw him in the mix! sorry Jayde there goes your 3rd. Now is cas strong enough to take Will and I off the top 2 places, I hope not. Will I'm counting on you to keep ahead on the last leg and then out run him on the beach. So I will keep me as Number 1 and Will 2nd with Cas (if he runs 3rd 1min behind Will.

  2. nice one Dion! hmm. I will come and shout encouragement somewhere along the route and see who rises to the occasion and who blows!

  3. mmhh… gonna take a flyer here:

    1. Jayde
    2. Dion
    3. Will

    let's see who's the best on the day 🙂


  4. Hi guys
    Have to change I call on the result… My hamstring is strung!!! started feeling tight on Wednesday wasn't any better on Thursday. didn't feel to bad on Saturday morning, but in the CC it went. Now I have to count myself out of the top 3. If I push myself that hard in the race (if I even start) S0

    1) Will time 4h15
    2) Cas
    3) John
    4) Jayde

  5. Ok, so here's a twist… In Dion's absence I'll be optimistic and say his training group will take the podium, although I'm scared of the likes of Cas and John (and Mark? some new names on the HBTC website today, still interesting to see who will show up at the start line tomorrow!)

    So I'll go with Will taking the advantage of knowing the route well and wanting that course record back, I'm still training, and wasn't planning on doing this race until Tuesday… so

    1. Will (4:14:30)
    2. Ake
    3. Jayde

  6. some interesting predictions coming through. Talk about a curve ball Ake! Will come and see you boys on the course! May the best set of legs win!

  7. Ok, so I hear from my husband that Will is in top form for the race and is set to break the record. Ake was seen at registration on Wednesday and he looks in good shape too.
    1. Will Robinson (4h12min56secs)
    2. Ake Fagoreng close on his heels
    3. Jayde Butler

  8. Will 'the white kenyan' robinson
    Cas 'number two' van ardenne
    John 'john collins' collins

    In that order.

    Bunfight it seems, with some big names off the podium, good luck to all!

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