Happy Weekend Y’All

As some of you may know I got my entry accepted for the UTMB for August this year. Pretty big in my books: 166km and 9400m of ascent and descent. Cut off is 46h. Single Stage. This is billed as one of the big international events around and certainly one of the hardest in Europe. We will have to see how I survive this little adventure.

I have been making lists and more lists of stuff to do, Spreadsheets with cut off times and splits to get my head around what is involved to complete this. It is all quite overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

Up to now I have just been doing base training. Trying to build a good milage foundation at a low HR and to build aerobic endurance and not do anything too hectic. As a result I have not been racing anything hard which has been quite fun- just running along at conversational pace.

By my reckoning I will need to focus on loads of running and waling at low intensity. And with a pretty heavy pack also!

Oh and Google Translate has become my friend!

So off to the Peninsula Marathon (Training Run of course!!) for this Sunday. I will do my best to bring a parachute for the predicted South Easter!

Have a great, inspired running weekend Y’All.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Weekend Y’All

  1. quite a project! good luck attacking that monster and mostly – have fun!
    be sure to take the mandatory gear list seriously, the organizers are (untypically for france, I know..) very strict about that…
    in any case, running the UTMB proves you're a real “mountain masochist”!

  2. Hey Leo – tripped over your blog via Facebook, go figure. Amazing to read about some of your adventures… the UTMB sounds mind-bogglingly challenging! Hope all is well L x

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