Jonkershoek Marathon recce

So with the long days and holiday freedom we ventured out on two seperate occasions to rece the route.
1)Yellow (Botmaskop to Piekke): pretty straightforward. We had to escape down Langriviernek due to us getting lost on top in the mist.
2) Red: (Bergriviernek to Stellenboschberg) lots of walking on loose slopes. My right leg defininitely feels longer than the left.
The bit to connect the top of Langriviernek and Bergriviernek is def the crux. Technically it is tricky and quite complicated. That will be next on the agenda so that we can refresh our minds.
I must admit that putting it all together in 9h or so is quite bogeling at this stage. We will get stronger and we will see.

Pic on left is Roger on the red route, looking back towards Bergriviernek.

Oh and if you are still confused the Jonkershoek Marathon is a horseshoe traverse around the Jonkershoek valley. You start on Botmaskop and finish on Stellenboschberg basically following the skyline and most of the highest peaks in the valley. The total distance is probably 30 to 35km from peak to peak. However total distance covered on foot will be more like the standard 42.2 so don’t feel short changed by this one! Oh and a PB is highly unlikely on this one 😉

Thanks to Roger and Andrew who have been fantastic companions!

Hope you are all having a fantastic break!

8 thoughts on “Jonkershoek Marathon recce

  1. hi, I have been doing the same for a race behind hermanus.

    The idea there is a point to point. Starting somewhere near stanford, up and along the mountain to end somewhere in hermanus perhaps even fernkloof.

    The terrain would cross maanskynkop, vogelgat (private) and fernkloof reserves.

    Have you done any running in the kogelberg biosphere?

  2. hmm sounds fun.
    I have done the kogelberg trail (24km hiking route- I think) and the Gravity trail race but this sounds like a real mountain adventure. keep us posted for when you do this.

  3. I'm so glad I found your blog. Jonkershoek have been the backbone of my training for the 3 Peaks Challenge 2009. Due to the fires at the beginning of 2009 i never had the chance to run Swartboschkloof or Panorama. Now it is open and I'm returning to Cape Town next week. I will be starting at the main gate go up swartboschkloof past Kurktrekkersnek and down Panorama and back to the main gate. Seeing this post will help to motivate me during the tough times.

    If anyone want to join me let me know!

  4. hey Leo. I'll be heading out to Jonkershoek on 27 Feb. Will be a early start at 7:00 (i think this is when the gates open). Park at Witbrug and do a loop of the circular route for a warm up and then head up Swartboschkloof and down Panorama route. If the time is loooking good I might mission to Tweede Waterval. I'll be doing this as a training run. Taking it slowly and propably lots of walking up the steep parts. Let me know if you are interested.

  5. hi dupie – im busy training for this – if u still keen blog me here as looking for partner
    i have done a few of the routes

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