What is next?

I have had a fantastic season this year doing a whole host of new events and doing a couple of good weeks of training. I have done the Namaqualand 20km, Baviaanskloof, Otter Trail and Amatola which have all been new. On top of that I ran the Hout Bay Triple Trouble and Montrail – CAPESTORM Winter Trail Series. I have kinda been busy.

I do need to focus on some good solid of weeks running in the hills for SkyRun end Nov. That will be fun I am sure but certainly quite a challenge. I am feeling pretty confident and strong now that my alignment issue seems to be coming right. I have struggled with this for well over a year and have seen various practitioners on this. Roger suggested the Lyno Method of Benita De Witt. I did the bunkies and really struggled. So I made an appointment with Andrew. He has prodded, massaged, stuck needles in me and delivered a whole bunch of pain however I am rather glad that I think it is paying off. I am not 100% but I feel better than ever before. The niggle in my right knee is not there ALL THE TIME. Check out the bunkies and see how you fair! Let me know. I found them rather hard to do. In fact quite hard to do PROPERLY.

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