How to run on the promenade:

There are several reasons why you would want to run on the Promenade: 1)      To be seen 2)      Because it is convenient 3)      Because it is very beautiful in a weird urban kind of way. For those who don’t know the promenade. It is a thin strip of pavement/cobbled walk way sandwiched between the BeachContinue reading “How to run on the promenade:”

The Impossible Road

Any running store worth its pepper will tell you that the Asics Kayano and the Saucony Kinvara have nothing in common. In fact they are pretty much at polar opposites of the footwear spectrum. Saucony Kinvara The Kayano (now in model 17) is the top of the range stability shoe with lots of cushioning. I startedContinue reading “The Impossible Road”

ten toes – ok 5 fingers – first run

Yes, yes I too have fallen into the fashion trap and bought a pair of Vibram Five fingers from Drifters Xtreme. I certainly hope this purchase does not remain a fashion accesory but hopefully improves my running. I have been wearing them for a good few weeks now and have been amazed how comfortable theyContinue reading “ten toes – ok 5 fingers – first run”

Black Diamond Competition!

I am fortunate to announce the second competition in conjunction with Black Diamond. This time around the guys and girls from Ram Mountaineering have sponsored me a Black Diamond Icon Headlamp worth R 730! This is an awesome headlamp which throws a massive beam that has served me well during all my night training and several BatContinue reading “Black Diamond Competition!”

Black Diamond Comp results!

The news you have all been waiting for: When I was on the mountain between Kasteels Poort and Corridor Ravine in very heavy mist and a strong breeze things still seemed wide open. Ake was looking strong with John on his heals. Will was about 20 seconds behind but things still seemed wide open. ByContinue reading “Black Diamond Comp results!”

Black Diamond Comp announcement:

I am very fortunate to announce that Black Diamond has offered to sponsor a product every couple of months for my blog. Rather than pocketing the cash and retiring to Kommetjie I thought I would pass this on to you! So here goes! For July Black Diamond is supplying me with their ultra light FlashContinue reading “Black Diamond Comp announcement:”

Nikwax and the art of jacket maintenance

The first winter rains are starting to fall here in the Cape and mornings are chilly. Out come windproof and waterproof breathable jackets to protect us from these elements. However unless these jackets are relatively new they do not keep the damp out as well as they should. The first sign of trouble is whenContinue reading “Nikwax and the art of jacket maintenance”

Black Diamond Sprint Headlamp early review

Disclaimer: I personally believe the more light the better when running at night. It may be a boy thing to compare beam size but I don’t want to be left stumbling around in the dark – ever! More is almost always better in this case! I would also advise to buy the most powerful headlampContinue reading “Black Diamond Sprint Headlamp early review”