“My Jacket is not waterproof, it leaks!”

So came the complaint. “I have paid a lot of money for this and expect that it keeps me dry while running on our trails”. I work for the Adventure Inc, the distributor of Mountain Equipment and Ronhill among several other leading brands. Every winter I get at least one complaint like this. Here is howContinue reading ““My Jacket is not waterproof, it leaks!””

PUFfer Preparation 301

I have had an interesting email conversation with a fellow trail runner on gear and how to best use it stretching over the last few weeks. This conversation and my presentation at SSISA prompted me to put expand on ideas here. My comments are aimed specifically at PUFfer runners but are universally applicable. Let meContinue reading “PUFfer Preparation 301”

Puffer Prep 201:

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. I can’t claim this as my own saying but it is a British Army adage. So what does this mean for race preparation? 1) Do not try something on race day or race week that you have not tested before! 2) You want to know how each piece ofContinue reading “Puffer Prep 201:”

Wintec Solutions Conference

Yesterday I was invited to the launch of Outdoor Tech in SA and discussion around tech developments. It literally took me a couple of seconds to adjust my eyes to the dark cellar at Bloemendal Restaurant where we listened to presentations by Aki Anastasiou. I was fascinated by all the tech that is being developedContinue reading “Wintec Solutions Conference”

Three things I liked about the Argus Cycle Tour Expo:

Every year in March there is a mad frenzy to get everything ready for the Argus Expo. The biggest retail expo in SA and certainly bigger than anything else in the sporting goods market. Every year I see the same faces. Eddy Cassar and his crew run good operation. This year I was struck byContinue reading “Three things I liked about the Argus Cycle Tour Expo:”

minimal shoes: an overview

on my shoe rack (l to r): Vibram Five Fingers Bikila, Merrel Trail Glove, Vivo Barefoot (model unknown) I have written a fair bit about minimal shoes over the years here, here and here on this blog. I have worn the above three pairs as my day to day shoes (Luckily I work in an officeContinue reading “minimal shoes: an overview”

Suunto Quest gear review

The Quest comes supplied with wrist unit, HR belt, footpod and Movestick mini. All packaged in a neat, very appealing looking box. Other optional extras include bike accessories and GPS pod. The Quest does not have integrated GPS but gets speed and distance data from external pods (footpod, cycling or GPS). I was only ableContinue reading “Suunto Quest gear review”

Garmin Foretrex® 401 GPS review

The 401 looking for signal Why review a GPS that was released in 2006? And why is the Foretrex® still relevant today? The Garmin Foretrex® 401 is the only wrist mounted navigation GPS that has user replaceable batteries. (The 401 has a smaller sibling in the 301. Please see the end of the review for a feature comparison chart.Continue reading “Garmin Foretrex® 401 GPS review”

GPS/HRM Monitor Review Bryton Cardio 60

this is the first gps/HR Monitor review that I will be posting on my blog. This one is brand new the others for Suunto Ambit 2S, Suunto Quest, Garmin fenix, Polar RC3 GPS and Runtastic have apeared in print in Go Multi/Trail mag. But right now on the the Bryton Cardio 60 so kindly suppliedContinue reading “GPS/HRM Monitor Review Bryton Cardio 60”