In a garden as in life

I walked in my garden yesterday. I noticed some early spring buds pushing through. A tree grows a millimetre at a time. A leaf unfolds little by little. A great gardener trims a little here, a little there. All relative to what is in front of him. He deals with reality. Takes an action thenContinue reading “In a garden as in life”

Swimming – A case for Life Coaching

Six years ago I could not swim. Well actually I thought I could swim. To my best knowledge I could do it. ‘I certainly was not as good as those pros but I can swim’ I kept telling myself.  I had learnt from my dad who had learnt in the Namibian desert. Go figure. HeContinue reading “Swimming – A case for Life Coaching”

Hohenhort 15km

I recognised the anxiety straight away The nervousness. The slight hurry in everybody’s step. The frantic darting looks for the loo. The anticipation. I was surprised to find them so strong, so overwhelming and I had not missed them in two years. Sunday morning I stood at the start of the Hohenhort 15km road race.Continue reading “Hohenhort 15km”

But actually life demands more!

I came across this quote by Regina Brett over the weekend “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.” The tendency with holidays (or weekends for that matter) is that we veg. We drink just enough coffee to make it to the couch and then surf – channels. We are aContinue reading “But actually life demands more!”

“John has such good values – he is such a good boy”

Well what does that actually mean? What standard are we judging John against? Does it not beg the question “What are your values?” Or better still “What do you value?” “Where do you place value?” Maybe it is worth thinking about. What you might just find is that you value things differently to your peersContinue reading ““John has such good values – he is such a good boy””


I started doing breathing exercises a few months ago. Every morning. First thing in the morning. To get my day started the right way. While everybody is still asleep. The basics are pretty easy. It is called Square Breathing. Breathe in for the count of seven. Hold your breath for the count of seven. ExhaleContinue reading “Persistence”