“John has such good values – he is such a good boy”

Well what does that actually mean? What standard are we judging John against? Does it not beg the question “What are your values?” Or better still “What do you value?” “Where do you place value?” Maybe it is worth thinking about. What you might just find is that you value things differently to your peersContinue reading ““John has such good values – he is such a good boy””


I started doing breathing exercises a few months ago. Every morning. First thing in the morning. To get my day started the right way. While everybody is still asleep. The basics are pretty easy. It is called Square Breathing. Breathe in for the count of seven. Hold your breath for the count of seven. ExhaleContinue reading “Persistence”

“When is enough, enough?” Ian asked

I close my eyes in the crowd, in that town square, in that time. Vangelis is playing – Chamonix town square at the start of UTMB I can still feel the tears now, many years later. The point of life is to grow and to have fun. If you can have fun while growing thenContinue reading ““When is enough, enough?” Ian asked”

Today I want to tell you a story.

Back in the  90’s I was actively progressing through the grades in rock climbing. I wanted to consume everything. I wanted to get better. Slowly and steadily I did by choosing partners and ventures carefully that would stretch me. We climbed everything within our reach and we slowly expanded our horizon. The start of summerContinue reading “Today I want to tell you a story.”

I am …(a runner)

We all define our selves with what we do and the more we do so others define us in the same way. Take those brackets away and what are you? What are you left with? We all wear hats in our lives. Those hats represent the roles in our lives. Different hats in different situations.Continue reading “I am …(a runner)”

Gradient: the secret to learning

We were made to walk up stairs the other day. First one step at a time then back down. Then two steps at a time, back down. All in a long snake we walked, round and round. Some of us managed four, some had to grab onto the hand rail to manage, others gave up…Continue reading “Gradient: the secret to learning”