The week (and a bit) that was: Knysna Big 4 +1

Indeed this was the best 10 days Mel and I had this winter! The plan was for us to ride the Mountain Bike and Road Ride together and then we would see how it goes from there. 80km Mountain Bike Ride: We roll downhill to the start in the centre of town. M downs aContinue reading “The week (and a bit) that was: Knysna Big 4 +1”

Two Ocean’s 22km Trail Race Report

Devil’s Peak middle traverse Hardcore trail running meets precise organisation and a spectacular fan fare at the finish. I feel like a hero sprinting down the field at UCT. The grass has not been worn by thousands of feet before me, crowds are cheering for me alone. No I am not in a dream butContinue reading “Two Ocean’s 22km Trail Race Report”

Brakenfell 10 km road race 19 Jan 2011

“Where have all the good guys gone?” came the sms from Coach Dion. * I just finished the race and we were comparing our results (Dion ran the Trail Series). We both finished further up the field than either of us expected. My speed work of the last few weeks has left me thinking that IContinue reading “Brakenfell 10 km road race 19 Jan 2011”

Sky Run 2010 my experience

A year after my biggest trail adventure I find myself back in Lady Grey with Neil, Roger and Kylie. Quite a few things have changed in the past year. I find myself as part of a group of 35 runners who are wearing red bibs to indicate that we have completed the course before andContinue reading “Sky Run 2010 my experience”

Table Mountain Challenge 2010 race report

First of all thanks Trevor for putting on a great show. It all seemed to go smoothly (for me anyway). The week leading up to the race was filled with late nights and trying to catch up to work so no real focus on my little jaunt around the flat top. By basic strategy wasContinue reading “Table Mountain Challenge 2010 race report”

utmb 2010 in pictures

  Chamonix Valley: peaks on the left are: Les Drus, Aiguile du Midi (furthest right of the spikes) and Mont Blanc (highest peak in Western Europe) UTMB runs down the valley and finishes high on the slopes on the right.   UTMB Leg 1: View down the valley from Chamonix showing Les Houches and theContinue reading “utmb 2010 in pictures”