Buller’s Kop (two people’s thoughts)

Last weekend I wanted to explore an area I did not know well. I wanted to check out Duiwel’s Kloof in the Banhoek Valley and also there was the East Face on Buller’s Kop. Why it is called the ‘East Face’ I can not tell you. We were in the shade all day and accordingContinue reading “Buller’s Kop (two people’s thoughts)”

Two Trails, Three Runs – SPARC Trail Running Talk 12/12/17. My UTMB and TTR experience

In 1991 I pitched my tent in the same spot as far more famous climber from South Africa had done 8 years before. Chamonix is the birth place of alpinism and modern mountain travel. The view from Snell’s Field camp site at sunset up the Mer du Glas to the Dru was and still is inspiring. IContinue reading “Two Trails, Three Runs – SPARC Trail Running Talk 12/12/17. My UTMB and TTR experience”

DripDrop hydration

Back in the (good) old days. I am lying under a thorn tree in the dirt of the Namibian desert. Pretending that the thin branches actually contribute some shade and relief. Ross hands me a 2l Coke bottle filled with a mixture of salt and sugar. I get told to finish it. I don’t feelContinue reading “DripDrop hydration”

FAQ Hydration bladders

What hydration bladder should I buy? My advice to first time buyers is to buy the best bladder you can afford. Go with the brands that have the biggest market share not necessarily what your favorite sponsored athlete uses. The first bladder I bought left a bad taste in my mouth and I did notContinue reading “FAQ Hydration bladders”

A poor man’s guide to recovery, my personal experience:

(My sister is doing Marathon Week with her running club in the UK. Basically this entails them running the total marathon distance over 5 days. Some days are short, some long, hill repeats, long run…. a real mix. I am super proud but she messaged me on Sunday asking for recovery tips. Thanks for theContinue reading “A poor man’s guide to recovery, my personal experience:”

Gear Choices 1 (Hydration):

Here I want to deal with a debate which comes up before every event or longer run I do. I am only referring to the Otter Trail Run here as a specific example which raised very interesting twists to the thinking.The big question which I discussed with a few runners (Deon “Go-Multi” Braun and TatumContinue reading “Gear Choices 1 (Hydration):”